The Wardrobe Knowledge Bank Notion Template

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Your all-in-one digital closet.

The Wardrobe Knowledge bank is your all-in-one style brain. Use it to define your style, make shopping plans and keep a wishlist, build a wardrobe inventory with data like cost per wear, create capsule wardrobes and packing lists, and more. No more fighting with outdated apps, losing track of your notes, or daydreaming about your style. This is a streamlined version of the setup I personally use to manage my wardrobe, and what I give to my style coaching clients #insidetheunfolding

Unlike other Notion templates for your closet, this isn't just a closet inventory or wishlist tracker. It's all of that and so much more.

The Wardrobe Knowledge Bank includes:

☀️ Style Profile — Your complete personal style definition.

📊 Wardrobe Tracker — A simple yet robust closet inventory and outfit tracker.

📋 Shopping — Your visual, sortable wishlist, purchase tracker, and templates for your shopping goals.

📆 Seasonal Assessments — Templates to help you assess your style on a regular cadence so you never hit another rut.

📒 Outfit Logging — Templates for outfit logging and weekly outfit planning.

🧳 Packing Lists — A customizable, robust template for travel packing.

📑 Worksheets and Reading — Worksheets and a library of relevant books to dive deeper in your style journey.

🤔 Is it really worth $97?

📹 Watch the overview video here to get a peek of what's inside: 

Here's what a WKB user has to say:

Whether you're just getting started trying to figure out what your style is, or looking for way to manage your closet that isn't just a crappy spreadsheet or outdated app, or a combination—I made this for you!

Want to get organized the way you see your fave style bloggers do? You know, with defined wishlists, visual seasonal capsules, a clear style definition, reflections about your wardrobe, etc? The hardest part isn't the creative style work—it's getting organized.

Apps make you take photos of everything to get any insights—and the UIs are outdated and slow. Pen and paper or a simple spreadsheet are fine to start with, but easy to get lost in a pile of papers, a messy google drive, and are annoying to reference from your phone.

Forget all that. Instead of spending days fighting with outdated app UIs, digging through your Notes app, or futzing with spreadsheets, you can use the Wardrobe Knowledge Bank. Get fresh insights in a completely customizable digital closet that works for you, not against you.

The Wardrobe Knowledge Bank is designed for you if:

〰 You have a beginner level of familiarity with Notion, including how to use template buttons, drag-and-drop elements, and pages. You do not need expert level understanding of Notion's databases!

〰 You love style, and wish you were more organized, but hate spending time with digital tools. You've tried all the apps, and spreadsheets, and notes, but nothing has really seemed to stick... yet.

〰 You want to shop strategically, and know what's in your closet.

〰 The WKB is designed for any gender, budget, style aesthetic, or wardrobe size! 


xx Elyse

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Your all-in-one digital closet, made in Notion.


The Wardrobe Knowledge Bank Notion Template

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